Videos, videos..

So I’m officially on the Laboratory Dancers board of directors!

I’m also in the middle of working on two music videos! One is for a song Phillip Morris and I made together a while back and you might have seen us perform it during either one of our sets on several occasions (it is going to be on Phillip’s upcoming album with Truthtella). The second is a video for my girl Yah Ya which I’m choreographing and dancing in.  I can’t wait until they are both ready! Until then, here’s a recent performance of Scarlet Monk and Her Orchestra live at the Wicker Well! Enjoy!


And so.

Now that I am back from London, many things are happening I want to tell you about.  But first, let’s talk a bit about London!

London was quite lovely and I got to meet some cool new folks, especially some members of The People’s Army who I had a chance to record a few songs with as well. I mostly needed the vacation to clear my head and think about the next steps. And so, I quit my day job.  Yep.

Now back in Chicago, I’m just taking it one day at a time.  I want to make sure I don’t get stuck in that same job situation again (I never intended to stay at my job for 4 years, it just somehow happened…). So until something new comes up, I’m just trying to work on more music and dance and artistic things to sort of cleanse me from the 4 years of customer service.  Like I told my friend yesterday… what I regret most about staying at that job for 4 years is the animosity I’ve developed towards people.  It’s disgusting.  I hope it eventually goes away.

For now check my calendar for new events and shows and, well, say hello : )