Schedule and belly full, life is good.


Here are some really cool updates:


I officially formed a group (duo) with Mr. Echoes (of Rubberoom and The Opus) called Cathedral Twins. We have been so intuitively linked during our music making process that it’s scary (in a good way). It’s been a very amazing and exciting process, we’re working on our EP right now! If you’re familiar with both of our styles you might think this will be a Portishead ripoff project but no….. we’re really pushing our boundaries and comfort zones and crafting a very unique, beautiful sound. I’m so happy to be working with a producer who understands me and my process. It’s been pretty magical.


You can stay updated on our progress:

@cathedraltwins on instagram


I’ve been dancing…. A LOT. I’ve been so fortunate to take part in some amazing workshops which recently happened in Chicago. I’ve been taking Chicago Style Footwork classes with Pause Eddie of the FootworKingz for a few months now, and recently I took a master class with King Charles at BooCoo Art Center in Evanston, fresh off his European workshop tour. It was delightful!





Brave Monk, myself, and King Charles



I’ve been taking Intro to Breaking with with Brave Monk on and off for a couple of years (mostly off), but recently I’ve really started going for it. Recently a couple of the members of the legendary Flying Steps taught a workshop at Mixed Motion Arts, sponsored by Red Bull. It was a really fun and informative workshop. I also have been attending B-boy battles lately and studying up on my history, immersing myself into the culture as much as possible. Foundation and style first!!!



With KC-1 and Little Ceng of Flying Steps, photos by Shon Roka.



So yeah, it’s been fun and exciting and busy. This of course is all happening in the middle of our Laboratory Dancers season, full of rehearsals for our big dance concert at the end of May and many little shows and fundraisers before then. And oh yeah, I have 2 jobs. Yup, things seem to be back to normal!! Deep breath.