End of the year sum up

So here’s what’s new. The most exciting news for me is that I got the VoiceLive Touch2 and we’ve become friends. Looping has become my favorite form of musical expression, and I’m looking forward to building my skill set and letting my imagination run amok. Maybe I’ll even post something soon on soundcloud or reverbnation. I’m also still working to get better acquainted with Ableton Live, but that’s been a slow and often painful process.

In January I’m headed to Las Vegas to sing at a wedding, and I think it is really f%$&*#$ bad ass that somebody wants Scarlet Monk music on their special day. I was hoping to hit up an open mic while I’m there, but it doesn’t look like there are any on weekends.

The Cathedral Twins project is still in the works, moving along slowly but surely.

Out of the loop

So much right now. Feeling/doing/thinking much much.

So I deleted my Facebook. Phew. It feels ridiculously freeing, also a little scary to be out of the loop. But I’m kind of a loner after all, and winter is hibernation season for me anyway… There were many reasons why I finally decided to cut the cord and unplug from the matrix (new privacy settings coming up that are extra invasive, tons of negativity lately, getting worked up and involved/wasting energy on ….well…..Facebook). It’s like a world of its own, it was too easy to use it as a distraction when whatever artistic/constructive thing I was working on was getting difficult, telling myself I need to know what someone commented, responded, liked, wtf do I care really? But another thing that I came to realize has to do with that lightbulb moment I had earlier, that my life itself is my biggest masterpiece, art project, the thing I’m molding and changing and sculpting. Creating and analyzing are two different processes, and it is hard to be free and creative when others are responding and critiquing your “life” or “art” in real time. Their feedback or lack thereof affects your next steps. I don’t want that, I want to create freely for a while, and see what develops following my gut. I don’t have to come across pictures or videos of myself from classes or dance battles or performances. I’m in the process. I record myself as I work anyway and I critique my work when I feel it’s needed. So there. I’m free. I’m ridiculously inspired and productive right now.

I’m at a point where I’m ready to add other elements to my solo show, now that I’m happy with my music gear and setup. I still have some manuals to read and general research to do to get the type of sound I want, but all of the puzzle pieces are there. Now it’s time to add elements of dance, video, projection and “wireless” control throughout the space. More on that another time. I will be meeting with the amazing Lee Blalock sometime soon to discuss some technological possibilities (she was the mastermind behind the David Bowie performance I did at the MCA). I’m also currently working on a new mission statement for my work, and hope to update my social media/website sometime soon to actually represent where I am at right now. They all feel out of date, but there are just many of them that it’s hard to keep up. So I’ll be slowly making my way through those.