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I have some beautiful new photos from the Scarlet Monk Show by Matthew Gregory Hollis:

IMG_2986 IMG_3006 IMG_3012 IMG_3073 IMG_3117 IMG_3160

I also have some news, only for those of you reading, I’m not really announcing it yet except for my faithful followers ( you ). I’m skipping out of Chicago in September. Gotta keep the momentum going. Can’t do another winter here right now and hibernate. I’ll be updating my travels mostly on Instagram ( @scarlet_monk ) and on here when I have more time. For now I’m finishing up a little solo recording project which I will have available for download (name your own price) before I leave, to help with the cost of traveling. Thank you so much for your support thus far. I have uploaded new videos on youtube, check ’em out:

Scarlet Monk’s Youtube Channel