Multi vocal layer and harmony specialist


Performance Artist

Lover of gritty textures, nuances and timbres


I’ve performed and created works within the classical,  jazz, trip hop, downtempo and experimental realms, as well as worked alongside several remarkable Chicago MCs. All Scarlet Monk performances are carefully curated and crafted (considering the space, other acts and the overall vibe) and no two shows are ever the same. 




I love to collaborate, and I believe in respecting  each others’ time and vision. I was a member of the Laboratory Dancers company in Chicago for five years.






And here are a few more of my recent favorite collaborations:

 – I performed in “oddity()” by Lee Blalock at Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) as part of “David Bowie Is” programming (voice/dance)-  11/18/14:


-I performed in Dissecting Adam: an improvised opera by Julia A. Miller at Flats Studio, Chicago, as part of Chicago Artists Month- 10/26/13

– I composed/recorded an original 25 min. sound score for “Landlocked” by Emily Miller of GET DOWN/PICK UP Modern Dance Company, Dixon Place, NYC 10/01/13 (see excerpt below)

Video Excerpt

-I was a guest vocalist on Qwel and Maker’s “Beautiful Raw” album (Galapagos4 Records), performed live at the album release show at Reggie’s, Chicago -2013 (link below)

Beautiful Raw  (featured on “Beautiful Raw” and “If I could Sing”)

-I was a guest vocalist on Tensei’s “One” album (Plug Research Records) -2012



Scarlet Monk