AnnaBella Remix Competition!

You can get your next EP/LP mastered for free! Here’s how this works:

Scarlet Monk, a Chicago Trip Hop artist recently released her new album “AnnaBella” on Global Vortex Records (NYC). In      the early Spring of 2012 she will release the “AnnaBella Remix’d” LP featuring remixes of her songs by producers from all over the world. The remixes are open to all styles and genres, so let your creative juices flow! You can preview the LP and request vocals for the song you are interested in remixing. Here’s some more info and what you can win if your remix is selected:

Submissions deadline Jan. 31st, 2012
Winners will receive the following:

1. Their Single will be released on the AnnaBella Remix’d Lp forthcoming from Global Vortex Records.
2. Retail copy of “AnnaBella” signed by Scarlet Monk
3. Your next Ep or Lp Mastered by
4. A professional review of your music by one of our top writers.
5. Great promotion since this is our first free album and we anticipate a great response.

To get the vocals or to send your submissions reply to All submissions are the property of Global Vortex Records once submitted and are meant only for the AnnaBella Remix’d LP; any other use is a violation of copyright.

Scarlet Monk – AnnaBella LP can be heard here:


Good Luck!!

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