November 7, 2018
Scarlet Monk

“BAJKI” (pronounced “Bye-Kee”) which in Polish means “fairytales”, is Scarlet Monk’s second solo album. The word “bajki” is also commonly used in Poland as “a story which isn’t all the way true”, i.e. “you’re making up stories”. According to Scarlet, there is a blurred line between a story and a fairytale, the definition being influenced by how much time has passed, who remembers it and who tells it, and how much truth there is in it. Music and art have always served as a means to tell stories by those who were not granted the time or place to speak. There is power and responsibility in controlling a narrative.  Stories, fairytales and myths allow people to dream, express, and preserve, and are at the heart of most performance styles.

Scarlet uses the album as a means of telling her stories, and on the last track she passes the mic to two Chicago MCs, Rita J and Dee Jackson (80s Babies), to tell theirs on the title track, “Bajki faet. Rita J and Dee Jackson”. The album download includes the same track without the MCs so that others can also record their stories on audio or video as part of a contest; it is open to anyone from MCs, vocalists and instrumentalists, to dancers, circus artists and sign language poets. See the “Your Story” page for details. The album is produced by Scarlet, with the help of Chicago-based producer Maker on “Work and Shake” and Chamere “MinusOne” Orr on the Juke-inspired “Get Off”, and features jazz guitarist Jeff Parker (Tortoise) on “Short Film”.

Produced by Scarlet Monk

Mixing/Mastering by MoonDoctoR

Cover Photo/Direction by Sequoia Emmanuelle

Cover Design by Kayo Martinez

Make Up by Allison McGillicuddy

Crown by WXYZ Jewelry

Copyright Scarlet Monk 2018