Some days I feel like writing words, lyrics, poems. Other days I write music, sounds, harmonies. Some days I move, dance, explore. Sometimes I take photos, draw (poorly), make collages. All days I try to take the day on its own terms. Not force anything, just show up and continue. For this I have to be “calibrated”, a term I borrowed from one of Adrian Younge’s IG talks. When I’m calibrated, I can make art. So that means I try to feel healthy, good- I take time to stretch, drink herbal tea, write down the ideas or thoughts that won’t leave me alone, give myself time during the day for my mind to wander so that ideas and creative projects have a chance to get rooted. Be Calm // Become . I already know rushing doesn’t help, neither does stressing, panicking, trying to stay busy for the sake of being busy… Working hard towards a goal that’s not important or not true to where I want to go is like going in the opposite direction. And if I do that, because sometimes I do, that’s ok too, because when I realize that it doesn’t feel like the right direction, I can go where I want to go instead. Because guilt and frustration don’t work either. So I’ve been trying to read books, enjoy the breeze from my open window (a Cali perk) and work towards the things that make me truly excited. And sometimes that takes doing absolutely nothing.


Photo taken by me on a rainy day, inspired by Spring and Polish Folk costumes.

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