New video!

Although not officially released yet, I figured if you found your way to my site you deserve to see the awesomeness that came out of this collaboration. “Short Film” was one of the very first songs I wrote for the album and I was just ecstatic when Jeff Parker agreed to play on it.  After letting my good friend Joel listen to the song, he said he imagined me singing it in front of one of those old school oval mirrors. I imagined a film-noir vibe. So I ran with it from there, later working out the ideas with Alex Laya, the cinematographer, and we assembled a kick ass team. The overall idea was to have a film within a film, with the colors turning more vivid and coming alive when my love interest entered the shots. The process was very free, everyone throwing in ideas and helping out, which to me is the best way to create. Freedom over everything.

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