-from the Matrix for a bit, but my music gear remains plugged in. So if you wandered in here because you don’t see my Instagram, Hi! I’m focusing on some artsy stuff and the constant likes i.e. mini shots of dopamine wore me out (though they are appreciated). I’m going to the beginning with some things (piano scales, chords, training) and forward with others- ideas and projects I have been slowly developing over the years. There are endless poems and words and journals. Right now I’m connecting a lot of those ideas and doing research and writing, and I mean actual “writing” with pencil and paper, taking notes, doodling, thinking, imagining.

When I started college, I planned on majoring in psychology. I ended up majoring in Vocal Performance and Dance, but my fascination with psychology never really went away, and I am told I am a good person to lend an ear. If you read my bio, you know that I’m really fascinated by the place of the human voice within technology, and that is both literal and abstract. Yes, actual voice, as in, my singing and speaking voice and how it fits with electronic based beats. But also the human voice within the social construct of technology, which can mean anything from humanity within social media profiles (how much is there and how much does it matter) to human touch versus virtual and or electronic/robotic assimilations and why some people have a preference of one to the other. I don’t think these things are best explored (for me) by writing a song about it. So this process is taking me back to my performance artist beginnings, when I was excitedly delving into Butoh and Artaud and Jerzy Grotowski and created with Laboratory Dancers. But I’m no longer interested in just exploring. I’m interested in beautiful works of art. Fine Performance Artistry. Artists do what they need to… sometimes what they want to… but I know that I am not interested in making any self-indulgent art-for-the-sake-of-art performance-artsy anything. There was a time when I needed to be experimental to the point where the audience just stared uncomfortably (there was that one piece called “Skin Deep Maggot Farm” my family got to see that one time, good times lol). Reactions don’t really matter at this point. Complete, relevant, beautiful works of skill and artistry do. And they require time and focus. So send some good thoughts cuz I’m not so good with the focus :)

From my former cellist Ira Och’s Resume:

“Scarlet Monk and Her Orchestra — Chicago, IL 2009-2013”
“Accompanied vocalist and modern dancers as solo cellist with electronics. Dance would be a continuous multi-part piece that bridged 5-10 original songs and occasional jazz standard. Performances often included some element of rap, beatboxing, and videotape.”
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