Your Story

I wanna hear your story.

With the download of my album BAJKI (which in Polish means “fairytales”) you get a bonus track called “Bajki (Your Story)” on which you can tell the world more about your journey. You can also get the track individually on a “pay what you can” basis here . Or download for free on Allihoopa. Get extremely creative: you can rap like Rita J and Dee Jackson did on the original version of the song (you can hear it here), or you can sing, play the marimba or flute, make a video dancing, tell your story in sign language, record a puppet theatre play you made, anything goes! I wanna see/hear it all, and I want you to share it with your community.


THERE WILL BE ONE “AUDIO” AND ONE “VISUAL/VIDEO” winner! Each winner will receive $500 cash.


I will judge the submissions based on how genuine, creative, and artistic they are. This is about the art of storytelling, and about your individual, personal narrative. There will be no consideration made to the number of your followers or your social media presence. Don’t let lack of professional gear get in your way. Often limitations force you to be more creative.  I just hope that you inspire me and get inspired in the process. If you want to get crazy and need separate vocal stems or anything like that hit me up via the contact page here.

Some ideas to help you on the way:

“Bajki” means “fairytales” but the word is sometimes used to describe stories which aren’t all the way true, i.e. “You’re just making up stories”. What is the difference between a story and a fairytale? Is it how much time has passed? How much truth is in it? How much it’s changed after it’s been told by multiple people who added their own wording along the way? Who controls your story or narrative? Is it you or people around you? What made fairytales seem so “magical” when you were a kid? Is some of that “magic” and “inspiration” still available to you now? Can you make someone else feel now the way you felt as a kid? Consider these things when creating, and let it free you. Allow your imagination to take over. Find your inner artist/magician/alchemist. Art is your story from your perspective, so tell it how you feel it.


A few contest “RULES”:

*I will pick one audio and one video submission as winners (If you do audio and record a video to it, it will fall under the video category only, not both).

*Post your submission on your social media and link it back to my album and Instagram / Facebook with credit for the production and hook given to Scarlet Monk.

*Send it to me (use the contact page or social media) and I’ll be sharing a few favorites throughout the contest.

*You can release it as long as it’s for free *OR* you donate any profits to your favorite youth/arts charity.

*SUBMIT BY DECEMBER 10th. Winners announced December 15th.


Your story is important. Be genuine. Be yourself. Be creative.


With Love,


Copyright Scarlet Monk 2018